Three Reasons You Have to try Renting a Luxury Apartment in Paris

646x404It’s not uncommon for visitors of Paris to say things like “I wish we could really live here for awhile, feel at home.” While that would be great, the logistics just don’t make sense. The best option more discerning vacationers are discovering is renting a luxury apartment in Paris, the only way to feel home away from home, something a hotel never could do. Here are three very good reasons you should rent instead of book a hotel.


4686564_origDuring a long day of exploring the wonders of the city you rack up a lot of steps. When you come back to your place it’s much better to stretch out and relax in the extra space most luxury apartments will provide. You don’t want to be confined to just a bed and a bathroom. Having the extra space available for you and your guests can allow you all to enjoy peace and quiet that can never be achieved in a hotel room.


3556579_origWhile the dining scene in Paris is obviously world-class, a full kitchen will give you the opportunity to show off your own chef skills that rival the local cuisine. On a longer stay, you may prefer some of your own home-cooked creations. Part of the Paris experience is the food markets and cooking your own meals, which you simply cannot experience without a fully stocked kitchen. Full laundry and Wi-fi that isn’t shared by hundreds of guests are some other wonderful reasons you will never go back to a hotel. Especially when your considering a longer stay, the amenities offered by a hotel can become quite limiting (not to mention doing laundry at a hotel can get expensive!).

Get the Local Feel

5327902_origIt’s one thing to visit the City of Lights, but living it is only way to go. You get to speak to neighbors who’ve lived there for years, go home to your own address and really feel like you are a citizen. You are also going back home every night to an authentic Parisian apartment and not a giant glass tower you can see in every city of the world. Immersing yourself into the culture is one of the most rewarding experiences of traveling and renting a home lets you experience that in a way that a hotel room never can.

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