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Settling on Paris as your vacation destination is an easy decision. More than 20 million people across the globe flock to the city each year to experience and appreciate its rich culture, iconic landmarks, world-class food and entertainment, beautiful vistas, lively streets, and more.

To truly enjoy the best Paris has to offer, it is crucial that you find the best accommodation available. Finding the right luxury apartment in Paris will lend you the opportunity to dine, travel, and truly live like a Parisian for the duration of your stay. It will also make you never want to leave the city.

Finding the Right Luxury Apartment in Paris

Let’s explore the best way to track down the best luxury apartment for you. There are a number of factors that go into your search for the best luxury apartment in Paris. Finding the right spot in the right neighbourhood, with the right amenities, is paramount.

1. The right Neighborhood

​Paris is home to 20 unique neighborhoods, locally known as “arrondissements.” Each neighbourhood has its own unique style and appeal. The 1st arrondissement is located in the heart of downtown Paris, with the numbers spiraling outwards in numerical order to the 20th neighbourhood that borders the outskirts of the city.

​Too often, tourists will make the mistake of booking their stay in an arrondissement too far away from the centre of the city, while others book their rentals in tourist heavy locations like the 7th arrondissement (home of the Eiffel Tower and a loud Parisian nightlife scene.)

If you’re looking for a quiet, safe, and family friendly accommodation, neighborhoods such as Saint-Germain-des-Prés (6th arrondissement) and Le Marais (spread across the 3rd and 4th arrondissement) are home to stunning luxury apartments that won’t bring you too far away from the heart of the city. Unlike the traditional hotel experience, luxury rental apartments put you right into the heart of the community for a more authentic Parisian experience. Each of these neighbourhoods exhibit the historical buildings, cobblestone streets, world class cafe, and best showcase the rich Parisian culture.
2. Luxury Apartments in Paris Deliver All the Essential Amenities

​After a day of experiencing the city, there is a lot of value in experiencing the comforts of home. That’s something your hotel accommodation cannot deliver. You will find your time in Paris to be much better when you reside in a luxury apartment capable of providing you with Wi-Fi, a washer and dryer, a full kitchen, and other pleasures you would enjoy in your own home.

This following Paris luxury apartment rental listing offers a great list of essential amenities.

  • 2 Kitchens
  • Dishwasher
  • Separate washing machine and dryer
  • Internet Wi-Fi
  • Elevator Access
  • Cable TV
  • Air Conditioning

​It’s also critical that you find voltage converters for any electronics you may be bringing from home. Most electronics will work fine when plugged into an adapter, however equipment blow-dryers tend to fry when you plug them in.

Even though you are in a city world-famous for its cuisine, after an extended stay in a hotel you will come to miss the value of a home cooked meal. With a fully loaded kitchen, you can shop for groceries in one of Paris’s historic food markets, including The Marché des Enfants Rouges which dates back to the 1600’s. This will let you learn French style cooking during your stay.

When to Book

​Anytime is the perfect time to venture to the city of lights. However, having the right strategy and information in place will ensure you get the most out of your stay.

Timing is Everything

When it comes to booking your rental – timing is everything. By booking well in advance you give yourself more time to plan out your stay so you can make the most out of your stay. The city of Paris commonly hosts events that attract thousands of visitors from all over the world. We recently hosted the Euro 2016 and Men’s fashion week. Booking in advance will help you better experience them, or avoid the traffic and congestion. We advise you don’t wait on any particular rentals as your dream apartment is likely to go fast.

Booking for the fun

Paris is a world-class city and attracts some of the largest world-class events. Truly there is something for everyone. When booking, check to see if there are any concerts, sporting events or other events of note that you can take advantage of when booking your trip.

In addition, there are many annual events that beg your participation. The fireworks on Bastille Day and the excitement of the Tour de France are two examples of the once in a lifetime events you need to experience. If you’re looking to find the perfect event for you, refer to this complete list of Paris’s yearly festivals.

Booking for the Season

Your Parisian experience can become vastly different depending on which month you book your vacation for. Each season offers a different personality and feel.

Autumn (September to December)
The fallen leaves covering the parks and gardens is a sight to be seen. The days may be shorter and a bit cooler, but the city’s colours are truly magnificent to behold.

Winter (January to February)
Entering a warm and cozy cafe for a hot chocolate after skating on one of Paris’s outdoor ice rinks is an excellent way to spend a day in Paris. The days may be short and cold, but that just makes warming up and the beautiful imagery of snow covered rooftops and the bright lights glistening in the snow more beautiful.

Spring (March to May)
With the cooler weather slowly becoming warm yet again, the parks, gardens, and people of Paris come alive again in the months of spring.

Summer (June to August)
As with the heat, so comes the tourist. Summer is the height of the cities tourism season. With temperatures climbing as high as 74 degrees Fahrenheit (24 degrees Celsius) it’s always suggested to bring a nice pair of fashionable shades and a water bottle when out exploring.

Navigating the City

​Getting the most out of your time in Paris is made much easier when you have a great plan of attack. Becoming acquainted with the distances between places you want to visit, and the layout of the cities infrastructure will ensure you come into no issues when navigating the streets of Paris.

Public Transit
When making a daily itinerary for your days spent in the City of Lights, we’d advise having a map of the Paris underground subway nearby. Understanding the network of subway and buses ahead of time is important as many of the signs and announcements will be in French.

If you plan on making heavy use of the transit system during your stay, then it is advised you pick up a weekly or monthly pass. For a day of heavy travel, you can purchase full day pass. An individual pass is priced at 1.80€, but it is more economical to buy a “carnet” (pack of 10 tickets) for 14.10€ instead.

Advice, maps, tickets, and other information can be attained in main metro stations. There are also automated machines with different language options you can utilize to purchase your tickets and passes.

The best part about cycling in Paris is you don’t need to bring your bicycle with you. Velib is a self-service bike system available to everyone in the city. You can buy tickets online or at any station without a subscription. There are 1,800 bike station positioned all throughout the city, so you should have no problem finding one near your luxury apartment. When you download the Velib app you are instantly connected to the wide Velib network of bicycles in the city.

​Paris is a very bicycle friendly city. Unlike many North American cities, Parisians have a solid respect for their cyclists. Each Velib bike adorns the following phrase: “I don’t ride on the pavement, I respect traffic lights and stop signs, I don’t carry passengers and I don’t ignore no entry signs”.

​Walking Around
If you’re not keen on learning the Metro, or don’t fancy yourself a cyclist, you will be pleased to find that Paris is very accessible by foot. There are many landmarks and amazing things to see just steps from the front door of your luxury apartment. Even the longer walking distances seem smaller because of the sheer beauty and wonder the streets of Paris have in store down every street.

Driving Through Paris
If you’re renting a luxury apartment that has a space for a car, we’d suggest thinking twice. Even for a local Parisian, navigating the busy streets by car can be exceptionally difficult. An out-of-towner can expect a near-nightmare when driving through Paris. Parking spots are scarce and as limited in size as the lanes you drive in. Narrow lanes, angled avenues, roundabout, sharp turns, and many, many cyclists. Simply put, driving in Paris is not for the faint of heart. Not to mention the popular Parisian pastime of playing ‘bumper cars’ to get into a parking spot. If you do choose to rent a car, get insurance!

The People of Paris

​Parisians are typically known for their high sense of fashion and rich culture. They put a lot of value into having proper manners and etiquette. You will find your stay to be more inviting when you adapt to the French etiquette.

​It is, however, important to understand that you are participating in a unique culture. Showing respect for the language will give you better success than simply expecting everyone to speak English.

What to Do in Paris

​We don’t necessarily point out all of the land marks that you’ve been dreaming of since you were a child. Any proper bucket list involves at least a couple entries revolved around experiencing Paris. A picnic in front of the Eiffel Tower, a tour through the Louvre, dining on some exotic French cuisine; Paris has it all. The city is packed so tight with historic buildings, world-class café’s and bistros, and beautiful scenery that you will literally stumble from one amazing experience to the next.

If only there was enough time to experience the Eiffel Tower, Champs-Élysées, Arc de Triomphe, Montmartre, the Louvre, Centre Pompidou, Notre Dame, Disneyland and Park Astérix all in one trip. With a longer luxury apartment rental, you may be able to hit all Paris has to offer.

Follow some of the following helpful links to plan out some of your authentic Parisian experiences.

Museums and Galleries
Paris is home to many visionaries and pioneers of culture. These are some museums and art galleries begging to be explored.

For the fashionista, Paris is the world leader in the clothes shopping world.

Paris has earned its reputation as one of the world’s best places to dine. These restaurants are some of the city’s best.

Food Markets
A homemade meal is made more complete when your ingredients are from one of the city’s oldest authentic food markets.

No one does celebrations quite like the City of Lights. These are some of the city’s celebrations that you need to participate in.

How to Book Your Luxury Apartment in Paris

There are many exceptional luxury apartments in Paris ready to offer you the ultimate experience.

Looking for the right apartment is made easy when you look through the available listings featured on Venture 2 Paris. You will gain access to the best luxury apartments the city has to offer, you will connect directly to the owner, and the best part is you don’t have to pay any third-party fees like on featured commonly on third-party sites like Airbnb.

We urge you to peruse through the beautiful selection of rentals in Saint-Germain-des-Prés and also browse through the Trésor collection in le Marias.

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