Metro Map

The Paris Metro (underground subway) is the best-developed transportation system in Paris and the fastest way to get around the city. There are 16 lines, numbered 1 to 14 with two minor lines, 3bis and 7bis. Lines are identified on maps by number and color, and direction of travel is indicated by the terminus.
The RATP app is a great tool to help you plan and navigate your way through Paris (metro, RER and bus).

In main metro stations, there are help desks where you can always ask for a Paris metro map and help with purchasing tickets or passes. There are also automatic machines (with different languages options) from which you can purchase your tickets and passes.

Offers for the metro, RER train and bus:

  • Paris Visit Pass: starting from 11.15€ per day (5.55€ for children 12 and younger); allows you to travel unlimited in the metro (zone 1-3 or 1-5), RER train, Ile-de-France bus lines (RATP and OPTILE) the Orlyval line (linking Orly Airport to the RER B and the Montmartre funicular
  • Weekly (21.25€) or monthly (70€) Navigo pass: unlimited metro, RER, bus, zone 1-5
  • If you are buying individual tickets it is more economical to buy a “carnet” (pack or 10 tickets) for 14.10€

Velib bikes:

Velib is a self-service bike system available 24 hours a day, all year round. You can buy 1 a day or 7 day ticket online or at any Velib station. You do not have to have a subscription! There are 1,800 stations, dispatched every 300 meters in Paris.

It is very easy to rent a Velib bike. At the Velib station, go to the terminal, follow the instructions, and select a bike. Always check your bike before renting it to make sure that it functions correctly. The first 30 minutes of each trip are always free. Return your bike at any Velib station in Paris and make sure it has been locked correctly. Use the Velib app to help you find a Velib station near your end destination. This app will also inform you of the availability at each station.

Road Safety Guidelines
– Respect road signs and signals (red lights, one-way streets, stop signs, etc)
– Before you set out, check your bike is roadworthy and safe
– Use the locker for short stop