Paris A La Mode: Visit in style with a luxury apartment in Paris

As fashion fanatics fly into France this summer, it won’t just be planes heading down Paris runways this summer. June 22 – June 28 Men’s Fashion Week is coming to Paris, the global fashion capital. While visitors plan out their trips with the latest travel trends, we are getting loads of requests for advice on visiting Paris Men’s Fashion Week with style. Where to go, what to see, and how to get around, we have put together a guide to help anyone join in this haut couture event.

Your Official Paris Men’s Fashion Week Concierge: A guide to enjoying Paris Fashion Week with style

The Neighbourhoods

​To really get into the spirit of Men’s Fashion Week, you will want to make sure you end up in the right neighbourhoods. Staying in the right area will make sure you are immersed in all of the action and excitement of the event.

The neighbourhoods of le Marais and St Germain are home to some of the top fashion houses in Paris. Staying in a luxury holiday apartment in one of these locations allows for an immersive local experience in genuine fashion culture.

In addition to the fashion houses, le Marais and St Germain apartments are home to some of Paris’ most famous museums, art galleries, cafés, and eateries.

The Cuisine

​Perhaps the only thing more iconic than French fashion is French food. Even if you are just flying in to Paris for the fashion, you would be remiss to avoid engaging in Parisian Cuisine.

Some of the best eateries in France can be found in le Marais and St Germain. With so many famous venues and local favourites, you can expect to find people from all levels of the fashion industry coming here for meals, pastries, coffee, or drinks.

Visit one Paris’ famous restaurants just outside our Rue de Tresor Apartments for a meal with presentation as rich as you’ll find on any runway. Or grab a coffe at a world-renown cafés like les Deux Maggots or Café de Flore just outside the L’abbaye St Germain, which are frequented by the celebrities and cultural elite of the fashion world.

The Accommodations

​For those seeking a genuine Fashion Week experience, this is your chance to live as the fashion elite do. Those in the know have made the switch from luxury hotel rooms to luxury apartment rentals. These upgraded vacation rentals offer more space, better comforts and more engaging locations than traditional accommodations.

As people are preparing for Men’s Fashion Week 2016 they are hurrying to book luxury rental apartments before space runs out. While fashion icons new and old love staying in the holiday apartments due to their trendiness, their biggest draw is the surety that they will get their beauty sleep.

Renting a luxury apartment in Paris allows visitors access to more amenities and comforts than they will find in traditional lodgings. With WiFi, full kitchens, washing and drying machines, separate washrooms and bedrooms; luxury apartments offer all the comforts of home combined with all the relaxation of a resort.

Beyond their comforts, one of the biggest reasons that apartment rentals are becoming the most popular places to stay for Paris Fashion Week is the experience they offer. Luxury apartments are a more immersive cultural experience. They place you right in the heart of the action and the community, away from the traditional tourist traps so you can have a genuine Parisian experience.

For 2016 Men’s Fashion Week some of the most popular luxury apartment locations are in St Germain and le Marais, where visitors are surrounded by fashion houses and events.

The Access

​Even if you aren’t an ambi-turner, getting around Paris is easy. In addition to being conveniently located near Paris fashion houses, staying in a luxury apartment gives you access to trendy modes of getting around, like biking or taking an Uber ride, as well as traditional transportation like taxis or taking the Paris Metro. Although many Fashion Week shows will happen in these areas, the event is city wide and you will want to stay somewhere where you can travel anywhere in Paris with ease.

In free time, many attending or working at the event will want to take some time away from fashion events and take in the sights of Paris. Some of the most famous attractions like the Jardin du Luxembourg are within a short walk from Venture 2 Paris apartments. However, in a city with the rich cultural heritage of Paris there are sights to see all over the city and staying at a location with easy travel access to any of them will enable you to take it all in.

Stay With Us

​At Venture2Paris we have earned a reputation for quality. Guests choose us for Paris Fashion Week because our location, accessibility, quality and comfort of accommodation, the experience, and our reputation. We are always happy to have you here, so book today while spaces remain!

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