Luxury Apartments in Paris for Fashion Week

2016 is seeing sweeping changes in travel trends around the globe. The goals, behaviors, and destinations of tourists are taking a new direction that is catered to by luxury apartment rentals. With Men’s Fashion Week coming to Paris this June, you can expect the trendsetters of the fashion industry to be taking part in the new world of travel. We created a handy guide to help you stay on top of the latest travel trends during Paris Men’s Fashion Week.

Why Luxury Apartments in Paris are the Hottest Travel Trend for Fashion Week 2016

The Experience

​​Experiential travel is on its way to becoming perhaps the biggest trend in travel. The heydays of sightseeing-based travel are waning and being replaced with a desire for unique, local experiences.

This year people are looking to get immerse themselves in the local communities, avoiding the usual tourist haunts. Luxury apartment rentals cater to this desire with their locations. While hotels are positioned around all the usual tourist traps, luxury apartment rentals are found in some of the hotspots of local and cultural activity.

For Paris Fashion Week you can expect in-the-know travelers to be staying in luxury holiday apartments in neighbourhoods rich with fashion culture, such as le Marais and St Germain. With fashion houses and art galleries easily found in these active areas, there will be no better place to get immersed in the fashion culture.


​Recent years have found professionals taking fewer vacation days. In 2015, Americans averaged taking only 4.9 out of their 21 available vacation days, the fewest vacation days taken in 40 years. One of the results of people taking fewer vacations has been the evolution of ‘bleisure’ among professionals.

Bleisure is a portmanteau of business and leisure. It is when people will extend their business trip into a leisure trip. This can include adding an extra day or two to transform their business weekend into a working vacation, as well as upgrading their stay. Bleisure travellers are more likely to upgrade their stay to a luxury apartment over a standard business class hotel room.

For Paris Men’s Fashion Week we expect to see plenty of professionals adopting the bleisure trend. Journalists, models, designers, and all sorts of professionals with business and passion in the fashion industry will be looking to make their stay go far beyond work.

Must-Have Amenities

​One of the must-have amenities for any bleisure traveller is fast, free WiFi. Even amongst standard vacationers, WiFi demand is on the rise. While many people are starting to prefer ‘unplugging’ during their days about town on holiday, when they return to their accommodations, WiFi access provides comfort, familiarity, an easy way to unwind, and to make plans for the next day.

Travellers are placing more value on amenities than ever before, with a high demand for comfort and convenience. With everyone wanting to look and feel their best, you can be sure this will be especially true for Paris Fashion Week. The wide array of amenities in luxury rental apartments are helping to make them one of the most popular types of holiday accommodations today. With floor heating, complimentary WiFi, full kitchen, washing/drying machines and more you will want to book your stay today to get one of the remaining apartment rentals for Paris Men’s Fashion Week.

Intergenerational Travel

​A passion for fashion is one of few categories that truly transcend age barriers. This is expected to go hand in hand with the reemerging trend of intergenerational family vacations. Over 90% of millennials surveyed by Blue Cross have stated they will try to take a multigenerational trip this year, and Europe is the number one destination.

This years Men’s Fashion Week will have more intergenerational vacationers coming to visit Paris than ever. With more people, spanning more generations, traveling together the need for space will be more important than ever. Many families are turning to luxury rental apartments because of their ample space, multiple bedrooms, and multiple bathrooms.

Join the Trend

​Whether you are planning a trip to Paris Fashion Week 2016 for business or pleasure, alone or with family, a luxury apartment in Paris is the best way to stay comfortable, immersed, and on trend. As they are in high demand for this busy season, be sure to book today before it’s too late.

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