​Renting a luxury apartment for euro 2016

This summer the UEFA European Championship is coming to France and it is going to be bigger and more exciting than ever before! For the first time in UEFA tournament history, 24 football teams from all over Europe will be competing for supremacy. More teams, more matches, more celebration, more festivities and more football –we couldn’t be more excited!

The Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) European Championship has never stopped growing in the 58 years since the tournament’s inception. Twenty-four teams is big leap considering that the 1960 Euro Championship only hosted four teams.
Stade de France
For those lucky enough to have scored tickets to this historical tournament, the next item on the agenda is to find comfortable accommodations for the ultimate Euro 2016 experience. There are numerous accommodation options for the football fans
heading to Paris from all over the globe, but the sheer volume of fans cramming the hotels and hostels may create an experience full of overcrowding, chaos and discomfort.

For the footy fans that want to have a superior experience, renting a luxury apartment for Euro 2016 is the only way to experience the championship in style and comfort. Every football fan coming to experience the games will want to find Paris accommodations in advance. With over 3.5 million tickets to the Euro Championship requested, luxury apartment rentals all over Paris are filling up fast. To help you find the best places to stay in Paris, we have put together this definitive guide on renting a luxury apartment for Euro 2016.

The Venture 2 Paris definitive guide to choosing luxury apartment rentals in Paris for the Euro 2016 tournament:

Paris, France is going to be a bustling place while the UEFA 2016 tournament unfolds. It’s hosting 10 matches, between June 10th and July 10th, including the finals. You’ll want to find accommodations that keep you close to the action and offer quick access to the games.

The recently renovated Parc de Princes Stadium is located in the St. Germain district of Paris and within walking distance of the
Venture 2 Paris vacation apartment at L’Abbaye de St. Germain. The Stade de France in St. Denis, Paris, where the Euro 2016
finals are being held, are a short cab, bus, or bike ride away from both the Abbaye and Tresor rental apartments.

The largest UEFA European Championship ever is geographically spread out all over France to offer diversity. You may not be able to attend all the games you care about but there’s no better place to watch the games than in Paris.

Playing host to 10 games, including the final, Paris will be the heart of the Euro 2016 tournament.
The neighbourhoods of Paris include some of the most lively and active communities in France. These scenic locales will be some of the best places to immerse yourself in the celebrations.

Whether joining in the events that surround the tournament or whether you
watch the games in some of the most famous cafés and bars in France, there is no better
place to stay during the Euro 2016 Championship.


All the action and excitement is best paired with a luxury rental apartment that will allow you to relax, unwind, and rest up for tomorrow’s adventure. Booking a stay in a luxury apartment with full amenities will make your stay comfortable, personal, and one to remember forever.

When choosing a rental apartment for the Euro 2016 Championship, finding one with a kitchen or kitchenette, laundry, a personal touch, and enough room for everyone to get along will mean there is less to worry about, less to pack, and more to enjoy.

Perhaps most importantly is timing. What we’re saying is book now!

Accommodations near the stadiums will be filling up quick. Luxury rental apartments are in high demand and the games are fast approaching.Teams from 52 countries competed to earn the right to be part of the tournament and fans will be coming in from all over the world. The Euro 2012 final had about 300 million viewers and with the biggest Euro championship ever being held this year, even higher numbers can be anticipated.

Such massive levels of fan involvement, and hundreds of thousands of tickets sold means that any available spaces for rent, will not be available for long. If you are hoping to rent a luxury apartment for the Euro 2016 championship, the best thing to do is book today.

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